Wednesday, September 21, 2011

#2 -- September Morning

"September Morning"
oil on linen panel, 5X7"

This little plein air painting was done on a recent Saturday morning while painting with my dear friend Julie. I just love the way sunlight rakes across the top of hay bales -- especially the "real" ones not wrapped in plastic.
Can you believe we can find such a spot in the city limits of Greensboro, North Carolina?

If you are interested in this painting contact the artist
Offered at $75 + 6.95 shipping and handling

#1 -- A Road Less Traveled

"A Road Less Traveled"
oil on linen panel, 5X7"

This painting is the perfect beginning. I am starting down a new road with my painting, and seeing what is around the next corner will be interesting and fun.


This little snippet of life is located on a beautiful farm in West Jefferson, North Carolina. I just love old farm roads -- the peace and quiet that surrounds me, and all the colors and textures of the grasses, bushes, and trees. Having the Blue Ridge Mountains as a backdrop is just the icing on the cake!